Review: AG Drive for iOS harks back to the days of Wipeout

By Arnold Zafra

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to like the new racing game, AG Drive. I mean, who didn’t love Wipeout before it and has been longing for the game to come out on iOS?Unfortunately for us Wipeout fans, we don’t see any trace of the game coming soon, but AG Drive fills the void on our beloved iPhone or iPad.

ag drive ios game review

AG Drive is a futuristic racer that will take you on the ride of your life, letting you drive a blazingly fast anti-gravity (AG) craft. You’ll race along futuristic highways and tracks developed using the ZORG game engine. The result is an astonishing game environment that adds greatness to AG Drive.

AG Drive has everything you’ll look for in a great racing game, including main events, quick events and severel modes of play such as single races, time trials, cups, speed challenges, record challenges, duels, and you know the rest. The tracks are set against various backdrops such as sunny, sunset and night, among others. The game also lets you upgrade your race craft.

ag driv eios game review

Adding value to the game is the soundtrack, which will make you play it more and more as the funky electronic music eases the monotony of racing your AG race craft.

And when it comes to graphics, what else can I say? AG Drive is beautiful, colourful and out-of-this world; the graphics give you a taste of how racing will be in the near future.

Finally, controls. The game has two: gas pedal on the right and breaks on the left. Once in awhile you’ll need to tap another button to activate your nitro engine. The tilt feature for manoeuvring AG crafts is very responsive and flawless.

ag drive ios game review

I guess by now, you already know our verdict for this game. It’s one solid futuristic racing game that you should not hesitate to download. Don’t mind the price you’ll have to pay for it…you’ll earn it again anyway.

Apple Channel Rating A

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Genre: Games
Seller: ZORG
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 7.0 or later
Price: $4.99
Availability: Now

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