The best iPhone and iPad games from February 2015

By Harry Slater

It's that time of the month again, when we look back all misty eyed and consider which of the games that came out over the past 28 days really got us going.

It's a pretty shooty crowd for February, but there's some driving, some squiggling, and some snowboarding thrown into the mix as well.

Sure, it might not have been a vintage month, but there were some pretty darn good iPad and iPhone games all the same. Let us know what your favourite was in the comments below.

Midnight Star
By Industrial Toys - download on iPad and iPhone

A big glossy FPS that took a lot of the control out of your hands and had more than a whiff of Halo about it. Which isn't really surprising considering the dev team used to work at Bungie.

It's super slick and a surprising amount of fun. And while it doesn't solve the problems of the first person shooter on touch screen, it's still well worth checking out.

The Detail: Episode 1 - Where The Dead Lie
By Rival Games - download on iPad and iPhone

This one's a point-and-click adventure that sees you tracking down a killer in a grungy, Se7en inspired city that's all torn posters and dirty puddles.

The puzzles aren't exactly super sharp, but the story pushes things along nicely, and there are some QTE-style action sequences that really fizz. Plus there's lots of eye-gouging, so what's not to like?

The Hardest Flight
By Chillingo - download on iPad and iPhone

A quick-fire arcade blast that sees you soaring through an abstract space, changing the colour of your ship by pushing on the screen.

Go through a gate when you're the wrong colour and it's game over. As high-score chasers go it's well put together and will probably distract for you a decent length of time.

AG Drive
By Zorg Entertainment - buy on iPad and iPhone

AG Drive

The futuristic racer we've all been waiting for. Super slick, utterly gorgeous to look out, and with the sort of knife-edge hovercraft action that fans of the genre will look up.

There's a huge amount to do here, and some of the loops and dips are just breathtaking. If it had multiplayer it'd be perfect, but as it stands it's just really, really, really good. Really.

Alto's Adventure
By Snowman - buy on iPad and iPhone

Without a doubt the best looking snowboarding game on the App Store. And, to my knowledge at least, the only game that encourages you annoy elderly Tibetan people when they're camping.

It's a simple game of llama catching, but it's fiercely addictive, and utterly gorgeous. It's almost impossible to play without a smile on your face.

By WarChest - buy on iPad and iPhone

A shooter by way of a series of quick time events. You don't pull the trigger, you tap and swipe on the screen and then some high-octane action sort of happens.

It doesn't sound all that exciting, but there's a frantic pace to proceedings that makes Tempo almost impossible to put down. It looks great as well.

Overkill 3
By Craneball Studios - download on iPad and iPhone

A ridiculous slosh of a shooter that's all explosions and fist bumps and currencies. It's cover based, and sometimes you have to high-five the protagonist to earn XP.

It's not the slickest shooter out there, but if you're looking for a big dollop of brainless fun you could do worse than checking this out.

Swap Heroes 2
By Savory Games - buy on iPad and iPhone

A second bite at the hero-swapping cherry, this is a clever mix of an RPG and a puzzler. You move your scrappers around a three-laned battlefield, whomping monsters as you go.

There are a few tweaks here and there, and the graphics have been given a bit of polish as well. If you liked the first one, this is more of the same. And that's no bad thing.

Hell: Fight for Gilrand
By Slitherine - buy on iPad and iPhone

A big heavy tactical game, but this time with a fantasy setting instead of usual dusty historical setting we're used to from Slitherine.

Fight huge battles against awful demons, and compete in multiplayer scraps with your friends as well. If you like your turn based strategy a little less serious, this is a good bet.

Magic Touch
By Nitrom - download on iPad and iPhone

A wonderfully clever arcade blast that makes great use of the touchscreen. You play a wizard who's squiggling out spells to try and keep back an army of robot knights.

It's all presented in that gorgeous Nitrome style, and chasing your high score becomes compulsive after your first go.

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