Google’s Editor’s Pick app launches with a new name

Helsinki, Finland, Nov 12, 2013 – Today marks the launch of Supermetrics, a Finland-based analytics software company, which develops easy-to-use analytics tools created to simplify and speed up business reporting. Supermetrics tools provide easy access to metrics such as Facebook fan counts, YouTube video views and website traffic stats from Google Analytics.

The company’s flagship product Supermetrics Data Grabber is one of the top tools in the Google Analytics App Gallery. Nick Mihailovski from Google comments:

“Once we launched the Google Analytics API, we were excited to see what developers would build – but it’s even more exhilarating to see developer profiting from all their hard work. One developer, Mikael Thuneberg from Supermetrics, has succeeded in doing just that.”

“Previously it was a big hassle to fetch all the data from many different sources, combine it all, and eventually make it into a joined, good-looking report. We developed all the Supermetrics tools to address this problem, and to make the whole process as quick and easy as possible,” Mikael Thuneberg, founder and CEO of Supermetrics says.

The company’s client base ranges from game companies such as Rovio, creator of the Angry Birds franchise, to the PBS television network, and to Amadeus, the company in charge of most airline-booking systems. The growing product portfolio includes tools for accessing several data sources, including AdWords, Facebook, Bing Ads and YouTube.

Supermetrics client Krishna Prasad, Online Marketing Analyst from Unibet comments:  

"Unibet is an online bookmaker operating across more than 25 different markets. It’s quite hard to keep us in line with all the traffic stats reporting or analysis wise. Supermetrics Data Grabber has helped us out a great deal in pulling in all the relevant and required information into a single sheet, thereby saving us a lot of time and effort."

Supermetrics will be present at the Slush conference in Helsinki on Nov 13 and Nov 14.

About Supermetrics

Supermetrics, previously known as AutomateAnalytics, is a Finnish business analytics software company founded in 2010. The company’s flagship product, Supermetrics Data Grabber, has frequently been noted by Google in their official Analytics blog and is an Editor’s Pick in the Google Analytics App Gallery. The growing product portfolio also includes tools for accessing several data sources, including AdWords, Facebook, Bing Ads and YouTube.


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