Analyses of Hundreds of Games as Proof of Concept

Helsinki, Finland, Nov 12th, 2014 – GameRefinery™, a Finnish mobile game analytics startup founded in the beginning of 2014, today introduced their Game Power Score™ analysis, with which mobile game developers can predict how their game would succeed in the App Store top grossing charts. During the past six months GameRefinery™ has analyzed and made predictions for hundreds of games, including multiple titles in the US top-grossing top 20 list, with a hit rate of 80%.

“We used GameRefinery’s™ analysis during our game development phase and the data we received gave us really useful insight and helped us to see more clearly, which areas of our game we should improve,” Olli Laesvirta, CMO of Boomlagoon comments.

By using sophisticated data analysis methods, GameRefinery™ can predict the commercial success of any mobile game throughout its lifecycle already in concept phase, and prescribe concrete feature level improvements. The method has been in development for 1.5 years and the company is already working with various leading mobile game developers and publishers around the world.

“In mature industries prescriptive analytics have been used successfully for a longer time, and with Game Power Score™ analysis we bring the similar type of approach to the game industry”, Markus Råmark, GameRefinery™ CEO explains. “The analysis is based on market data, so it offers objective, unbiased information not based on opinions but on facts and benchmarks.”

Game Power Score™ is an index value between 0-100 and it is the result of combined effects of over 140 variables. These variables are divided in eight themes, such as in-app purchases, social elements and retention features. Once all variables have been mapped, the Game Power Score™ indicates the game’s potential in the App Store’s top grossing chart.

GameRefinery™ will be present at the Slush Conference in Helsinki on 18th and 19th of November.

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About GameRefinery™

GameRefinery™ is a Helsinki-based mobile game analytics startup founded in March 2014. The company was founded by a team of executives from mobile game, data analytics and software service industries with experience of over 100 projects in helping global blue chip companies to make better decisions by using advanced analytics.

About Game Power Score™ analysis

GameRefinery’s™ Game Power Score™ analysis can predict the commercial potential and reveal the improvement areas of any mobile game already in the early development. It’s most effective when used already in concept phase and continued throughout the game’s lifecycle to fine-tune the features and maximize the commercial potential.