MAG Interactive is expanding Ruzzle's horizons with the latest addition to the franchise, Ruzzle Adventure, which out now on iOS.

Ruzzle Adventure features hundreds of levels featuring classic Ruzzle-style word puzzles. This time, though, each level contains its own separate story, characters, and challenges.

There are several different modes this time around, with boosters available for players that struggle. One of which has you trying to complete levels before rapidly rising water fills the screen, while another sees you trying to unlock 'locked' letters.

There's a whole new world to explore featuring a whole host of exotic locales, ranging from forests, jungles, and icy tundras.

You'll be able to see the scores of any friends who also play the game, and conduct your own personal vendetta against all of them. There are also handy leaderboards to check your progress against as you become a rising star, or fall into obscurity.

Ruzzle Adventure is available right now as a free [download] from the App Store.