Looking for a new word puzzle game to entertain you this summer? “Ruzzle Adventure” was recently released for iOS. Creators MAG Interactive had great success with their first fast paced word game “Ruzzle” and they've recreated that fun with it’s sequel “Ruzzle Adventure”.

From Stockholm, Sweden “Ruzzle Adventure” hit the iTunes App Store on May, 22nd. Released in 13 different languages with 150 unique and challenging levels the game is sure to share the success of “Ruzzle” with its global release.

“Ruzzle Adventure is the perfect extension of the Ruzzle brand providing a rich, single player experience to fans that love the Ruzzle gameplay, but want a solo experience that they can immerse themselves in at their own leisure,” said Daniel Hasselberg, CEO, MAG Interactive.

You don’t need to have played “Ruzzle” to enjoy the single-player sequel. You’ll just need to familiarize yourself with the intuitive game-play. Just like with “Ruzzle” the game uses it’s signature finger swiping mechanic for players to find high scoring words as they race against time and compete against adorable Ruzzlers and try to top their friends high scores.

In addition to 150 different levels there are also three different worlds to play in. This game brings a wider variety of AI Ruzzlers to compete against such as Vikings, Pirates and Zombies, oh my! Game-play is challenging as you string together words to clear your path of obstacles and use four different boosters to help you clear levels and get that high score.

A great feature of the new game is the leader-board, which allows players to share their high scores with friends and followers through social media and encourage some friendly competition as you attempt to climb to the top of that leader-board. With enough variety and challenge this game offers hours of game-play. Perfect for passing time while waiting in long lines, summer road trips or just scratching that Boggle-loving, word finder itch, “Ruzzle Adventure” is available for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for free through the iTunes App Store.