New world-building game from Helsinki-based Grand Cru lets players save people and rebuild the Earth together

Helsinki, Finland – June 25th, 2014Supernauts, the brand new social building game is now globally available to download for free on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In the game, the polar ice… – Read more

Earlier this month, Helsinki-based mobile developer Grand Cru released Supernauts on iOS devices. The game, which asks players to rebuild Earth in outer space, was a fast success, passing over one million downloads in its first six days on the market.

Combining Minecraft-esque material collection and world-building with puzzle solving… – Read more

More than two years in the making, Supernauts has launched on iOS today as a new entry in the world-building genre that Minecraft pioneered.

The Helsinki, Finland-based Grand Cru development house has attracted a lot of attention and funding for the cartoon-like 3D title, which the company bills as the… – Read more

«Ciao, questo asteroide è la tua zolla abitativa. Io dovrò salvare i superstiti, il tuo compito sarà costruirgli una nuova casa». È Capitan Fabulous a parlare, e la missione è chiara: la Terra è allagata e i superstiti da recuperare. Ma per fortuna arrivano i Supernauts, i super-astronauti che costruiranno… – Read more

The name behind Finland's next hyped gaming company comes from a classification of Champagne. Like all fine champagne, Grand Cru needed to age a few years before it's ready.

Late last night Grand Cru released their first title, Supernauts internationally. Our Finnish and Canadian readers have had access to the… – Read more