With the help of its publishing partner MyGamez, Finnish developer Fingersoft has embraced the Chinese market with the release of Hill Climb Racing: China Edition on all prominent Android app stores in the region.

MyGamez specialises in bringing non-native mobile games to the Chinese market, and it's no surprise that Fingersoft should turn its attention more specifically towards the east after Hill Climb Racing has garnered 260 million downloads worldwide.

The game's China Edition was released during Chinese New Year celebrations, with monthly updates scheduled to add more content over time.

China climber

“The purpose of Hill Climb Racing: China Edition is to bring the original game’s fun and engaging game play to the Chinese close to 300 million mobile gamer audience, in a culturally meaningful context,” says Mikael Leinonen, CEO of MyGamez.

Interestingly, Leinonen also states that the original, non-localised version of Hill Climb Racing already boasts over 15 million downloads across Chinese app stores.

But Fingersoft's Jarkko Paalanen still believes that localisation is key.

“With the good experience we got from publishing the original Hill ClimbRacing with MyGamez in China, it made perfect sense for us to put more effort on catering to the market specific needs,” he says.

“Providing the best possible experience to our fans has always been a priority to us. We’ve been very pleased to work with MyGamez to tackle the fragmented Android application store market in China."

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