By Keith Andrew

A guide to the top 10 mobile RPGs to be found nestling in the Android and iOS app stores

If there's one thing mobile gaming advocates will tell you time and again it's that the devices we house snugly in our pockets are perfect for quick fixes – games you pick up and play in a matter of minutes, before putting back down again.
It's perhaps curious, then, that RPGs – the kind of game many a gamer will voluntarily devote large chunks of their lives to – have found an audience on iOS, and a fairly sizeable one at that. But, as with any successful genre, when the App Store becomes flooded with games all purporting to the best thing since sliced bread, how do you sort the wheat from the chaff?
As ever, we're on hand to give you a guide to the prime picks on the App Store, this time singling out the top RPGs you can hope to pick up. The following ten games are by no means the only games worth checking out if you're manic for mana and have a hunger for all things HP, but they all serve as a more than adequate starting point.

Use our quick links to read more about a specific game:
Oceanhorn by Cornfox and Bros
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by Aspyr Media
Chaos Ring II by Square Enix
Bastion by Supergiant Games 
3D MMO Celtic Heroes by One Thumb Mobile
Final Fantasy VI by Square Enix
The World Ends with You: Solo Remix by Square Enix
Dungeon Hunter 4 by Gameloft
Chrono Trigger by Square Enix
Phantasy Star II by Sega